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Beautiful Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia

I returned to Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia yesterday after more than a 33 year hiatus.

The last time I was there was in the early dating phase with my husband John – and we’ve been married now for almost 33 years.

"The view as you enter the hamlet of Blue Rocks"

The view as you enter the hamlet of Blue Rocks

At the time we were both working as geologists for the summer in Nova Scotia – but for different companies. My company gave me a vehicle and a cook prepared our meals. His company gave him a vehicle and weekly food allowance. We would meet about once a week somewhere – most often in the Lunenburg area – in our company vehicles and then dine on his food allowance – a pretty sweet deal that would never be seen in this day and age.

For dinner we’d probably have scallops and a bottle of Liebfraumilch or Black Nun. That was living though I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking that stuff now. A hearty yes still to the scallops.

After dinner we’d take a drive down to Blue Rocks – only about 10 minutes away from Lunenburg. We always seemed to catch it on a sunny evening with the perfect light.

I visited by bike yesterday and what most struck me – apart from the totally dead feeling to the place – was its’ timeless beauty. I spoke with someone last night who had found a warm body – and she was told that there are still six fisherman working out of Blue Rocks. It looks like the type of place people retire to as well.

Should you make it as far as Lunenburg don’t miss the chance to explore this small fishing hamlet. Blue Rocks is a place untouched by time.

"Looking out on very calm seas"

Looking out on very calm seas

"Blue on blue"

Blue on blue

"Fisherman's cottage with a view"

Fisherman’s cottage with a view

"Quiet coastal walking"

Quiet coastal walking

"Safe harbour here"

Safe harbour here

"Another view of the harbour"

Another view of the harbour

"Love the variety of boat colours"

Love the variety of boat colours

"The seaweed is what I remember so vividly"

The seaweed is what I remember so vividly

Have you been to Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia?

Leigh McAdam



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